Our Mission & Story


We customize a garden experience that makes growing vegetables at home, fun and worry-free for the modern family.

We want you to have fun learning how to grow a successful home garden and experience the benefits of growing and harvesting your own food. We take care of the construction, planting and maintenance - providing our clients the opportunity to “get their hands dirty”.

We are two moms whose goal is to share our love for gardening, nature, sustainable practices and cooking with others.  From the start, our friendship demonstrated a shared appreciation for the love of outdoors, gardening and healthy, delicious food.  We strive to show our children the importance of knowing where your food comes from while teaching them how to care for family gardens. Peas Love & Parsley was born from the desire to give the same experience to today’s modern families. Our goal is to share the joy that comes with watching a home garden grow from seed and enjoying the bounty of a beautiful harvest around the table.

Meet Claire Toohey



Born in New England, raised in sunny Florida, back to New England to raise her family. Claire lives in Holliston with her three children, husband, dog and a variety of reptiles and bugs that her oldest frequently sneaks into the house.  Claire comes from a long line of avid home gardeners and enjoys nothing more than spending her days “playing in the dirt” with her rowdy red headed tribe. Claire’s children have grown up gardening and can often be found snacking straight from the plants. Together they love to make delicious family meals using their daily garden harvests.  Claire’s goal is to help others create garden spaces that are family friendly and delicious.

Meet Victoria Keller



Growing up in an Italian family meant growing your food and learning how to cook at an early age for Vicky.  As a first generation daughter to parents born in southern Italy, family and traditions focused on the kitchen.  Backyard vegetable gardens, canning, homemade meals and large family gatherings was how she spent her childhood years and continues today.  Vicky lives in Holliston with her husband, son and beagle. They spend lots of time outdoors in all seasons and carry on the traditions from both her family and her husband’s who shared the value and importance of knowing the source of your food. Vicky’s goal is to create a love of gardening in others of all ages.

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